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Souvenirs from Madame

Boutique Accommodation in Paris

You liked the Villa Madame? You will like its derivative products!

Don’t hesitate to fall for one of our products for sale and bring back a souvenir from Madame! We also are at your disposal to book one of these gifts, a wonderful opportunity to surprise!   

Our illustrated guide to Paris


A limited-edition guidebook. A few Parisian destinations, hand-selected by Villa Madame's general manager.
'What more can we say about Paris?
For the non-savvy traveller, the city's myriad temptations can all seem equally enticing. This guidebook is not meant as a list of well-known or recognisable sites, but rather as a travel companion and an invitation to wander and indulge, acting as a sort of 'Paris Bible'.
As you take your first step into the Villa Madame, you will experience the sensation of being warmly welcomed into a friend's home. As such, Madame would like to share her favourite local sites with her visiting friends, who, like her, desire to see the personal, authentic side of Paris. She invites you to take her little black book and continue your journey outwith the hotel walls. 
Plucked like a forbidden fruit, the ever-changing splendour of Paris’s decadent delights has been unveiled in brilliant watercolour hues by Paris, Délits d'Initiés. It invites you, the traveller, to bring the Paris of your imagination to life; to take these destinations and make them your own, and to discover still others and share them, giving Madame the chance to see her own city with new eyes.'
Text and original idea:
Elsa Morichau Beauchant
Graphic design and illustrations:
Mariana Castillo-López
First edition printed in November 2014 by Art & Caractère.

Our umbrellas


- Grey model, wooden hook handle, Velcro fastening scrap, manual opening.
- Pink model, pink rubber handle, material 100% polyester, automatic opening.
- Black & red model, Black rubber handle, material 100% polyester, automatic opening.

Villa Madame Butter Knife


- “Lou bure” Butter knife by Forge de Laguiole
- Handle of back horn tip, gloss finish 
- Hessian case

Created by Stéphane Rambaud and FORGE DE LAGUIOLE, this model stands vertically on the table. Find it on your breakfast table at the Villa Madame!

Villa Madame Knives


- Fluorescent dessert knives
- 2 steel bolsters
- Handle in acrylic glass 
- Available by 6 colour packs: pink, green, lime, violet, white and black.

Entirely made in Laguiole by a master cutler, these knives are a Villa Madame’s exclusivity. Find them on your breakfast table!

Madame prend l’air


- Scented candles – white ceramics
- 100% mineral wax (300 gm)
- About 60 h of combustion

A fresh and friendly fragrance with main notes made from orange blossoms, geranium and rose.  The candle remains the best product to create an atmosphere, either to produce a nocturnal ambiance or perfume a place all day long.  To enjoy without moderation! 

Madame in Winter


- Scented candle – taupe color ceramics 
- 100% mineral wax (300 gm)
- About 60 h of combustion

A floral wooden leathery fragrance. The orange blossom is enhanced and is accompanied by Tuberose and Labdanum, before warming up with Cedar wood and essence of Cade. An invitation by the fire…

Mariana Castillo illustrated candle


- Scented candle
- 100% mineral double wax (140 gm)
- About 30h of combustion

The main accord of the fragrance consists of orange blossom, geranium and rose which contribute to its elegance and refinement. For an intimate and warmth ambiance… 

Scented sphere


- 1 scented sphere in plaster-ceramics 
- About 1 to 2 weeks of diffusion
- Ribbon to hang the sphere

An innovative solution in line with any type of interior. The plaster-ceramics sphere blends aesthetic and pragmatics features. The Madame in Winter and Madame gets fresh air fragrances are available depending on your desires. 

Refill for scented sphere


- 1 ambiance fragrance 10 ml

A fragrance that will enable you to enhance the diffusion of your plaster-ceramics sphere. The Madame in Winter and Madame gets fresh air fragrances are available depending on your desires.